Annyeong, from Australia: This is me taking a leap of faith into the unknown


I’ve been reading this book about constraints you face when you turn 20, its titled ‘What I wish I knew when I was 20’ by Tina Seelig.

She talks about a variety of problems, and solutions that are so simple, it’s literally ridiculous. She wrote this ingenuous book on how to exercise a creative mind. It was strange at first because I found it hard to believe that someone could easily just teach creativity, creativity isn’t something that you learn its something along the lines of talent. But as I read on she challenges you both physically and mentally in having an open mind about solutions to problems you may think are impossible. It took me until chapter 2 to realize that not only is she training and challenging my brain, but she’s unknowingly teaching your brain to have an open solution to everything that you may think is impossible, she guides you into thinking in a different, positive state of mind.

I’m now up to chapter 4, and realizing that I need to change the way I think and do things that I normally would not do because

“without failure how do you expect to succeed”ย 

So this is me challenging myself, putting myself out there into the unknown.

Tima OUT.


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