Poetry: Melody of Being Animate (MBA)

Melody of Being Animate (MBA)
09/11/14 – 13/11/14 – 25/11/14 – ‘Black Privilege’

This girl, who said “I wish I was black cause you know blacks can get away with racist jokes”, then prompted to say that we who have been both emotionally and physically wounded by history events trying to rewrite our history, that we have, and misused our ‘black privilege’; now, there are a few things that she said which I had overlooked because why, why brace my vocal for you who thinks not of my being but of how deep my melanin travels, but when she dared to use ‘black privilege’ I took a moment gathered my thoughts and my smart phone to educate her racist considering self down, let me tell you about black privilege, black privilege is being the only shadow in the class room, its being called ghetto, its being called Africa in the tone of go back to your country and take your illness with you, regardless of whom you are, both human and free, it doesn’t matter because to them your still black and your still Africa, black privilege is being racially profiled and associated with all the bad, its being black and African and nothing else, its walking into an in-closed space and watching how quick your hands move and always being conscious, its being stereotyped into one category, its being conscious of this black that plagues you, black privilege is all eyes on you, its wanting to fit into society, its wanting to be an equal without second guessing otherwise, black privilege is anything but misused, its nonsensical that you chose to publicly feed social media with what the media has spoon fed into society, nothing factual based, just fictional narrative which harms the mental state of a being, its blasphemy that we still have to live with in-just privilege, my people demand this freedom that we deserve, we demand this right, this is our black privilege, in this era, which is where and why we choose to fight.

FH – Fatma Hussin


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