Poetry: Melody of Being Animate (MBA)

Melody of Being Animate (MBA)
01/10/2014: In regards to a status made by an acquaintance & more

It’s almost funny, the way you chose to form what you call opinion without taking under considering of what we all call ethical morality, how you can bluntly narrate what you have no capacity to comprehend, the audacity to take a religion of peace and generalize its beliefs as simple as an opinion so you say, we, all gods creations, it cut deep like a blunt dagger of injustice when statements on baseless facts, based on what the media advocates for you to coward to understand the truth, you, will never understand the marvel of hijab frame our face, the way the burqa represents modesty for herself and not for another, the way Islam preaches what is beautifully subscribed in the Quran, you don’t want to understand, instead you take us like we are dehumanized, group minority and point fingers to justify, this is what it has become, this is what it has resorted to, having to always stand on our two feet to elaborate for the too ignorant, like being pushed down the cliff without any warning, I don’t remember the last time a person not of colour had to exclaim why the colour of their skin is committing sin, why do we have to justify for the minority, we don’t represent what you have conjured up on your own, we represent with the DNA that flows through our bodies, band aid with band-aids to temerity heal the hurt and anger, we, are the canal of ancestry and mother tongues, so the next time you post a status acquaintance, of such caliber, DON’T

FH – Fatma Hussein


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