Poetry: Melody of Being Animate (MBA)

Melody Of Being Animate (MBA)
16/09/2014: Black Beauty

Sometimes I feel like we are stuck in this orbiting, we dismiss change as unattainable, we compare to unintentionally despair, we say articulate they say media force-fed, we say black and beautiful they say pretty for a black girl, we say black comes in all shades of creamy delight they say bitter-sweet backhand compliments, we say equality majority say we are full, we say love comes in the colours of the rainbow they say one night stand to brag, we say strong-willed, passionate, confident, driven, African mediator for the too jagged to speech they say racist, we say how they say what about us, we say when you’ve lived in a world which seems to not acknowledge, still have active followers of injustice, preach intelligence of active mind but still being fed opinionated fact fiction is just beyond comprehension, having unstable mentality doubt of what’s beautiful without knowing what inner beauty really looks like, being brainwashed by visuals of both animate and printed to showcase this is the standard of beauty, this is what beauty looks like, see how pale, see how bright, see how beautiful, do you see how sad our fellow minority have fallen, despite knowing how beautiful their beauty too is, don’t know, that we are the absorption of light, we are not one shade but a range of beauty, we are not to be used but to be cherished, keep safe your beautiful dark skin, don’t let slander become of what’s fictionally mediated, black is the absorption of light

FH – Fatma Hussein


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