Poetry: Melody of Being Animate (MBA)

Melody Of Being Animate (MBA)

16/09/2014: HE
He, who lied to a girl just so he could get into her stay away to heaven, don’t know that this girl is broken, don’t know that this girl finds it hard to trust, hard to believe, this girl, who just wants to be loved, she’s ventured her thoughts of trying to find someone who can understand, someone who can hold her hand and tell her it is okay, she, has been hurt too many times to have faith in male narrative, he, once told her “you’re lucky I told you now” saying ‘I could have chosen not to’ as though he was doing her a favor, for him voice such razor-sharp pathetic reason made it so hard to forget, that up until this day, today, it is hovering like a resurrection, it stains back of mind, like that cringing screech of old school black board, nails dug in as he rakes down in continuous motion, I will never forgot how you bombarded my inner being with vulgar intentions but each time my answer was the same, It went something like, how can I actively give my body to someone I haven’t even began to love, my body is not an empty shell, it carries much more than that, it beautifully heals broken emotions, broken anything with time, so I, refuse to treat it so carelessly, I, will not give my body to someone unless my body deems worthy for me to do so



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