Poetry: Melody of Being Animate (MBA)

Melody Of Being Animate (MBA)

27/4/15 28/4/15 29/4/15 20/6/15: This Chocolate

It’s complicated they say, the world is still learning about this ebony chocolate covered skin, your still learning it is okay, your skin is beauty, this world is not ready for you, this melting pot of uncontrollable emotion you feel when you watch as others tare apart your identity, as though you being black was the plague, as though being black was the problem, as though being black was so wrong, every time I hear people like you spit their razor blade insults about my people, about this chocolate, I ask god to guide your conscious, because if you won’t listen then maybe your soul will understand, there is so much heartache with this skin, in this world, living, we can’t always be chuckled by careless narrative, so we learn to conceal our bruises, we have to learn to survive, this has become instinct, when we watch how the police point bullets, quickly putting to silence what our brothers, sisters, Auts, uncles, ackos (grandma’s) and akakus (grandpa’s) have gone through to make safe what they thought would be a better reality for their kin, we are reliving the unnecessary blood shed once again, a war we didn’t ask for, a battle where melanin is being hunted, Micheal, when your narrative starts to hurt others around the table, and they spit their story without hesitation, clenching their chest with pride, helping you understand where society has placed them by default, it is your responsibility to try to understand, your responsibility to know that’s when your meant to stop, it is never okay to label black women with such blunt stereotypes, justifying them by saying ‘from where I grew up in a small country town’, it is complete ignorance to my people just because of your pregidous, you have to understand, this skin has been through so much more than it can handle but it will always be thick enough to service, I’ve had enough of seeing this skin always matched to red, always being at the other end of the gun, always putting up with what the media lebales, disregarding obvious facts, forcing my people to be the enemy at all costs, I’ve had enough.


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