Entry 5: I think it’s inappropriate to educate an African person on whether it’s okay to say/use the ‘N WORD’ even if you are of another ethnicity

Here me out.

So a few weeks ago I was in the city with my little sister trying to find some kick’s that she was after, and we were pretty much willing to pay quite bit for kick’s, you know how it is kick’s are pretty much life in this world.

we walked into Glue and we were greeted by the guy working in the kick’s section. I was having small talk with the guy cause my sister was on a phone call at the time so I was just stalling telling him what she was after, why we came into the city and all that good stuff. Then my sister finally finished her phone call, tried a pair of kick’s on and all three of us continued with small talk.

As we were all talking we got onto the topic of race, being a PoC (Person of Colour) and the struggle of finding our own space with our own people to have a good time with some music and bonding vibes.

It was around here that he had started talking more about race with much more depth, digging deeper into this topic.

He was trying to explain to us that the world is a toxic place, there’s so much negativity, so much poverty so much war and he began exclaiming that the reason for all this is racism which made some what sense to me, because as a PoC it was hard not to see his point a view, and where he was coming from.

It wasn’t until he started to explain to US that it should be OK to use the ‘N WORD’ and I quote

“because its racism if we don’t use it”

I was so shocked at this point that a PoC could even say that that was okay by any means. I remember my sister saying to me after we had left the store that even though he was a PoC as well it was not right for him to jump into another PoC’s struggle.

I remember also telling him that

“you can’t say that, because in this skin when we experience any sort of negative experience that word plays a big role regardless of whether its said or not, it still hurts and that’s what people don’t understand”

After I had bluntly said to him that it was not okay, he kept attempting to exclaim that it should be okay, he went on to justify himself by saying that the world is not ready to use the ‘N WORD’ and I just couldn’t believe how right he thought he was, even up to now it still amazes me.

In all fairness, I understand the way his thinking because he wants to believe that the world can change and that there’s hope if ethnic people e.g that he used, hanging around in their own groups but he doesn’t understand that we aren’t the problem they are.

Bless him though he had such a pure way of thinking, but it’s just way too pure for this world that we’re living in.



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