Poetry: Melody of Being Animate

Green Heart |


You’ll never know, think, like how well you think you know me, it never feels right does it, I can hear it in your voice, the red saturating your eyes, as you demand the truth, as you take sides, pleading otherwise, tell me, is it too late to say sorry, I can’t say it’s your lies I’m narrating, force feeding, ideas, imagining, conjuring ideologies, pin point in your black hole lies, twisting my truth, twisting my imagination, now, I’m not being disrespectful, but there’s something about disrespectful,  about monster, about this monster on this narrative, speeching this oppression, scattered broken glass of this jagerd heart, you can’t fix this anymore, this body has had enough, bleeding green, unleashing this hulk like monster, this, uncertain mutation of half being, some days I’m all being, laying my heart to tell you what it feels, tears spilling without its permission, without warning, we never expected it to get this far, but it’s always been hard, to control this body, these tears, this green bleeding heart, beating from the inside out, beside itself, realising all you ever wanted was to be freed


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