Poetry: Melody of Being Animate

11/12/15 – 20/12/15
M.B.A: Beloved Hero

Dear beloved hero,

I’m loving watching, witnessing you grow each year
The way your wings open to protects what you hold dear

The way you swing your mouth like a verbal weapon, as you sharpen your teeth for your next villain

May you have the world at your fingertips, your dreams aspersions resurrected from the depths of heaven

Freshly picked heroes like yourself, are what we marvel, visualize, when we strive for companionship such as hero, saving, such as hero

You, somebody who embodies both selfless loyalty, its description digs deeper than its dictionary definition

Your much more than a little sister, your a blessing sent from above
I hope J.Cole one day gets to witness you in your presence, only then will he know what loyalty his missed out on his whole life

Happy 19th birthday, cause you deserve it all


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