Entry 6: Its New Years Eve & I feel like I Need to Get Some Things off My Chest Before the New Year

Location: In my bed room listening to Neyo on blast

So yesterday I was thinking about how much I’ve changed since I finished high school, which will be in three years after tomorrow. I couldn’t help but write down what I’m feeling about the new year to come, seeing as this is the first time I actually have necessary goals that I’ve wanted, and are striving to achieve.

Instead of fulfilling promises said just for the sake of the new year, I wanted to share the goals I want to achieve for the new year.

  1. Thanks to Tina Seelig and my motivation to start my own business, as well as supportive friends and family I would like to finish my business plan and launch a website to start marketing my product after I’ve finished testing it out
  2. I’m going to work on self love, by doing things and taking part in activities that make me happy and feeling good about my accomplishments regardless of how small, regardless of how many mistakes it takes just like Kristen “I will flirt as hard as I can, and I will win myself back”
  3. I would like to work as hard as I can to replenish my faith, and strive on my connection with god because to me that is very important. Knowing that I have my faith with me will help me with everything I decide to do in life because that way I’ll also know I am not alone, and I’ll always have god to guide me and help me through tough decisions when I need it the most

I’m ready and excited for this new year to come because I’m excited to change, and be my best self for myself.




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