Poetry: Melody of Being Animate


M.B.A: Friend

Think about this, the way blood has been binding us together, but not really compatible, your truth full of lies, my truth full of so much ache, think about how, blood becomes friends, become family, think about us, think about how many years my body has been counting, each empty feeling, every flood of tears, my heart beating at each attempt, all my life all I’ve ever wanted was to be your friend, always thinking that I was to blame for the way my words became song, empty words, promises, for you to help me help understand you, understand us, why is it so hard, for 20 years that’s all I’ve been trying to do, why are you pushing what so rightfully belongs to you away, don’t you want me anymore, are you sick of hearing my tears, this violin melody that’s taken me years to create, I’ve learned how to create for you, for 20 years I’ve been dreaming, creating, singing, understanding, self diagnosed with depression, all I wanted was to be your friend, for 20 years, my body has no more to give, my heart feels like its being ripped out of this body, bleeding so much and all that’s left is just the rest, nothing left to feel, no more pain, my body is destroying in order to keep me alive, breathing somehow, it hurts, 21 years, all I wanted was to be your friend


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