Poetry: Melody of Being Animate


M.B.A: Soul Mate

When her name escapes my narrative, I think about what her name means to me

she reminds me that there is still time, all is not lost, she reminds me that it is okay to be myself n nothing less

when I think about what her name means to me, I think about, how lucky I am to have gained something so unbelievably beautiful, she embodies so much that she doesn’t even know

she’s the kind of person that would go all the way for friendship, she’s so much compassion that you’ll drown into comfort n never want to leave, anyone would be lucky to have such beauty

when I think about how she’s moving away, I think about how much stronger our friendship will be, how much trust will be gained,ย I think about purple rain,ย I think about how music makes me feel n how her presence is music, I think about the word favorite, n how her name is still conjoined to each symbol, I remember how we talked about soul mates, I remember at that moment thinking I’ve found one

I remember all the late night conversations in her car, how her taste in music set every mood, emotion, unwind, I remember how we unwound, tightened this bound, how when we were together there was no such thing as a dull moment

I’ll never forget, because how can you forget something so beautiful, I want to let her know that everything happens for a reason, that her dreams, goals, aspirations, she is capable of so much, I want to let her know to never give up, that when things get tough n I can’t be there with her I’m only a phone call away

I want her to know that soul mates are soul mates for a reason, n distance doesn’t mean shit when two souls are bound, because when they come together, n vibe with us they connect for life


P.S. I hope you have a safe trip, happy memories and lots of luck on your journey, I love you so much.

Heaps of love and luck.


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