Poetry: Melody of Being Animate

On explaining a panic attack

On explaining a panic attack, a weakness, out of control, out of your control, do you see the trigger now, do you see the other behind the problem, just a part of you missing, nothing makes sense, you try to catch what’s left of your sanity, but your fingertips start to separate to sin, the feeling making its way through your body like an addict, you can’t stop, it feels like a burning building, n the survivors can do nothing but watch it tumble to why me’s, pandora of mind games, try to survive, you are trying to get to their side, safe, you just want to be saved, you’ve done all you can now, you lost control remember, it’s hard when you can’t control what is yours, yourself, this body, trying to take back control of control, its misconception in its own syllable, how careless, when all you can do is try to make impossible possible again, it was never this hard, but with time it just got worse, there’s nothing left to do now but fight this body, take back what is yours, do the impossible n take control, you understand now, this is something you need to do to get better, this is a fight that must be won, self-love is selfless, win your body back


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