Poetry: Melody of Being Animate

Sometime last month
Selflove (in twin) Part 2: Win (verb)

Wining, achieve, accomplish, proud, so much to be feeling good for, self love, selfless, a great deal, unanswered, unshakable, taken, no control, symptoms, you can fight this, allow yourself to win, don’t let the bad days feel like they’ll be there forever, don’t give them control over your control, remember all the good in twin, remember balance, practice remembering the good, it’ll take time n that’s okay, wining is not something that happens without the experience, the problem, success is gained through a lot of trail n error, as cliche as it may sound, this is all the truth, learn to accept failure so you can make your next move, so your body isn’t left feeling the damage, both emotionally n mentally, keep the balance, this is how winner becomes success, n this is how illness becomes a cure, allow yourself to heal, selflove is the greatest accomplishment, it’ll allow, as you see the red sea part you take your last breaths of symptoms, you let the wind guid your footsteps into opportunity n beautiful disasters


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