Potetry: Melody of Being Animate

Infatuated Honesty

They’ll come n go, you’ll realize that not everyone is meant to linger for too long, some are just unwanted experience, n others just never quite right, the base of their words never quite honest, from the beginning always capable lies, when you stay this infatuated its never easy to forget, understand excuses, when all you did was offer honesty, n how honesty told trust, n trust chose to disregard, not important enough is what lies start to sound like, there’s only so much we can take, when narrative turns into dishonest, n malfunctions into right, wrong, right decisions, that moment they decide not to text back, n you can’t help but think, but where did you go wrong, n isn’t funny, that victim is made to feel like honesty is never quite honest, that when he lies he makes room for others to victimize, don’t you see the infinite cycle of disappointment, where she will learn to grave trust in both men n herself, that when you lie it mutates into selfish, disrespect in so many forms, look at me when I’m talking to you, don’t you get it, when I fall it’s me trusting you, it’s giving you what I’m trying to always give myself, its burying insecurities, always using a metaphor to explain the way I’m feeling, its letting you in, too close, don’t you know a tsunami when you see it, n they’ll always run, but you’ll remember that being honest with yourself is you being selfless n self-love, you’ll reminisce a you that you’ve come to understand even when your body is trying to comprehend state of mind, n as you start allowing, you’ll narrate, don’t take royalty for granted, n what honesty has started to manifest


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