Poetry: Melody of Being Animate

16/06/16, 17/06/16 
Love’s Unwritten Loved


Falling in love, something like
Binding honesty to passion, devotion
So they know what it’s like to be inseparable

Thinking about what it means to feel their heartbeat
Touch, breath, underneath a warm body

To know what trust has to hide, n relief all that aches its warmth

To understand, healing insecurities that rhythm into anthem
What it means when you strum balance n happy in the same metaphor
It means raw unwind

You’ll count the way they smile
As though they have all the answers

You’ll witness their heartfelt ability to light weight each emotional
To pleasure of both comfort, n kind hands
You can’t help but cares all that feels real in your eyes

Imagine, the atmosphere you both create in spite of what is love
Eyes crescent, soft, affectionate enough to climax into heartbeat
But soothing enough to pleasure even the deepest parts of you

You move close to love, give it your compassion
Take love by its syllables, n use this body to show love how you honestly feel



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