Poetry: Melody of Being Animate

Thank You isn’t Enough

You know, I look back at how things were
N how difficult everything seemed

That I’ve almost forgotten how to struggle
That there’s still days where I think about
How my everything would have been, if I didn’t seek out remedy
That even in this world, of all the places my body could have chosen to be
Why did it have to be broken

That when I look in the mirror now
I see so much than just a body, much more than I used to
I see survivor, I see heeling, I see saviors, I see so much now

Before healing, everything was full with confusion
I couldn’t make anything out
They all just seemed to be recurring
It was tiring

I look at the people that helped save me without even knowing
That when I talked to them
I felt like, this is who I was, this is who I am
They showed me that there is more to me than just this body

That I’m much more aspiring, compassionate, my presence

I want to let them know that thank you isn’t enough
That when you’ve enriched to this extent, its hard to put into words
Cause gratitude isn’t enough, love isn’t enough, words just isn’t enough

But I want you to know, that thank you
Even when I didn’t thank you so much more

You’ll never come to understand, feel
What ache it has given me to happily heal
That healing is part of so much process
That emotional wreck is part of what it means
N that words sometimes are just never enough

So I’m writing this to unwind, to show you
This is a result of you, kindness can take you many places
So thank you, even though it’ll never be enough


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