Poetry: Melody of Being Animate

Minority Folk (this is for us)

This is me putting it lightly
How blasphemy gives insecurities lashes
This is where even god has given his permission
That in this lifetime, can you be you n unapologetic

Said that faith is a result of what is clutch
Given all that ugly has thrown back at you
Like it doesn’t know the whiplash of beauty
That it too can be much more than just its
Empty, ignorant, to what colour death looks like                                                                 Recycling religion with its syllables, so it has that ring to it

Doesn’t understand the melody that’s been sang by its oppressors
Understand that there is no longer logic left, once you take out ethics
Barbaric, normalize, dropping extremes while                                                                           Speaking like they know what oppressed stands for
N lets be clear, they don’t

Stance, defend that colour exists
That people of colour exist
Correct them when, if, otherwise so they know
It will always show you its teeth
Give their names to the scars n call them for what it was

They’ll put up a front, ignorant inconsiderate slurs
N you’ll twirl the kinks of your afro with your middle finger
N flip tell them, god sent you

Don’t you get it, as we speak ethics is still being violated
Morals are still being disregarded, calling them too sensitive
Giving them stereotypes too heavy
Segregating too lightly

Making our sisters feel like their beauty ain’t got a chance                                                   Telling our brothers their lives mean, walking too freely                                                       Bullets Zimmermaning their way as families loose family

Do you get it now                                                                                                                                         This is shackled                                                                                                                                             Victim being called wolf

Don’t you see, its all animated right in front of you
As you tune into this world, adjust your remote
Switch its channels, let them tell you what its like
When majority speak on behalf of minority
What generalized narrative starts to sound a lot like…


How will you choose to finish this poem?


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