Poetry: Melody of Being Animate


Believe in you.

I want to speak my truth about the word believe

I want to ask this body to allow me to give it what it deserves

Explain that there is no fear in you, make it understand that believe is something so powerful n that it will always be possible

Let me tell you about this body, that today is one of the good days

That yes the weather is great n yes being kissed by the sun helps

N that’s okay because we need to recognise what makes us feel good

I want this body to recognise all the good it has achieved

N leave all the bad where it is, I want this body to be fearless, to be selfless, self love, n I talk importantly about selflove because I know what it can do

I know what kind of miracles it manifests, I know that when self confidence crosses it’s state of mind now

It means so much in a different light, that understanding the good is more important

That negative connotations are nothing but empty syllables

That it’s okay to be the way you are, that just because mental health kicks in doesn’t mean we aren’t worthy

It never means we need to give up, it means go harder

When you feel like your state of mind is switching from logical to emotional thinking, remember why you’re trying so hard, remember how consistent you have been with your mental health, that your state of mind is not a weakness it’s your greatest weapon 

It drives into so much of a deeper meaning, that it gives you reason in everything you do

It doesn’t matter what anyone says you get to choose what you want

Don’t underestimate what you are capable of in a whole

You are so much then just a body, a state of mind

You are your own identity, you are who you choose to be, you are you, whoever that person is, always chooses to be you, you are always you

N you will always be strong enough, brave enough

Believing in this means you’re choosing you

N there’s no better content in the word believe then giving yourself that kind of affirmation


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