Poetry:Melody of Being Animate 


Problem, the way this soul chooses to react to this body

Core, the systematic cyle that ache n abuse to call it healing

Solution, fact remedy is solution, fact, I am solution, fact, solution is me giving myself permission, allowing, understand that healing is not easy

Everything feels like a blade constantly gnawing at this being, breaking it from the inside

Is it not enough to not want to exist, is it not bad enough that existing is starting to feel like careless

Can we unwound this knot, can we pretend

How long can we pretend until better starts to give emotional healing release, resisting comfort, taking steps to unwind, heal, so that this body can be without having to complicate, over analyse what it means to breathe, what it felt like to breathe

How this body keeps alive, survival of the forgotten

When you think this analytically it’s almost ignorant to ignore

When you ignore obvious it’ll show you its teeth, remember your teeth, that this body is constantly fighting this body, n that’s okay

That’s healing, that’s you taking back control

Understand, you don’t have to go to comfort n watch it lead back to the first time, instead you’ll do what you do best n choose a different solution until you find the one that resonates healing, n that’s perfectly sane

There’s no limit when it comes to the “Melody of Being Animate”


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