Poetry: Melody of Being Animate 


Healing Perfection 

I’ve been thinking a lot about the word opportunity n the word dream conjoined to its syllables

After remedy gave me mindful meditation I started to ponder on relevance of existence, dreams, n believe

Understand these manifestations in two different outlooks, one, awareness n the other dysfunctional, said it’s always a choice 

It comes down to choice because even with mental health taking the right healing methods can give this body n state of mind choice, n isn’t that something to recognise, that healing is being able to reward the small wins, that setting small goals n overcoming them is something we should always be proud of, that our own recognition before any soul reside n give their affirmation before your own

Said that rewarding yourself is being content with all that gives this body life

Understand that healing is a process n just because you can’t see the core doesn’t mean it’s any more real than physically seeing the problem n proactively question the solution

Healing is an internal process for you n that’s fact, so don’t rush healing 

You’ll only have the hurt left if you try to rush perfection 


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