Poetry: Melody of Being Animate 

​23.08.16 | 25.08.16 | 26.08.16 | 27.08.16

Close your eyes, feel the way your breathing becomes hot underneath his body, feel his fingers carefully pace along your back, slowly gripping your sides bracing your body at every touch, the way his breath feels panting in your ear as you hold him close, your hands placed at the back of his head slowly gripping his hair, imagine the feeling when passion meets connection n ecstacy so all that’s left is reckless senses, feel the sensation leave your body, carelessly moaning at all this feeling instigates, like you want this to last forever, refusing to open your eyes, he takes his hands n moves them to your lower back wrapping his arms around your waist pulling your bodies so close, so they leave no gap for insecurities to disturb, he’ll start trailing kisses on your neck n whisper sugar cane, you’ll sit up on his lap as he lays back mesmerised by the way you awake his fire, make him say ain’t no fuse hotter than you, tell you that you make him want, bitten lips, soft skin, warm body, enough to keep this body warm sometimes, n isn’t that what addicted sounds like, I was talking to remerdy n she speeched momentary happiness, said that dependent on temporary happiness is never the key, that even if it blurs the lines for state of mind to understand n eases it’s not enough, pause, can you remember what lasting happiness feels like, that it brings all senses to ignite more than fuse, it’ll give you internal, more sugar cane, more content, fact, this is not temporary, it’s an internal quick fix, fact, even though quick fix doesn’t hold the key, it’s enough to keep this body addicted to feeling good, n this happy can borrow the key until it finds what eternal happiness really consists n constraint it’s whip lash so this body can still stay satisfied until it hangers for a different happy, fact, right now quick fix is me taking back control, n that’s what happiness resides n manifests, because haven’t you heard, taking control can happiness more than just this body, this mind, it gives the key to winnings syllables n never gives it back, fact, you can win


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