Poetry: Melody of Being Animate 


Date: unknown 

How to love 

Gather your players, lay them out for your eyes to witness how love kisses state of mind, acknowledge that it will take some time, understand that change is hard, but remember we are still learning, n knowledge is also part of remedy, give recognition to attempt, good, persist, n never give in to the worst connotations conjured up by what negative has to visualizes, don’t underestimate what this body can really achieve, that greatness is nothing but your perserviarence, that impossible will never be found in this narrative, so when they don’t understand your ability n your mental health give them reason, say your greatness is like a hurricane it comes when least expected n that your consistency is something to be recond with, because remember if they don’t know how good you are, you will always be your best successer, because persistence is something that you have n that’s what keeps your mental health n them guessing 


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