Poetry: Melody of Being Animate 


This mood.

There’s something changing in me, it’s questioning everything as it tares down my mental health, my barriers, it really hurts, it’s as if my mind doesn’t know what to do with this mood n keeps this narrative mute, conversations with this body are now even more painful, but more of a realisation of now, but it hurts, I don’t know why exactly, it’s challenging me, this body, my state of mind is getting confused, it’s being told all this positive, n out of comfort zone that it’s complicating, thinking, hurting, unable to give my body the correct motion, understanding this is normal, wait, not normal, wait, what is normal, it’s starting to sound like nothing is making sense, all that rings are headaches, n words that I can’t hear, echos that make no sense, I feel confused, I refuse to be mute, what’s going on, why I’m I still just talking to state of mind, no narrative just mindless narrative, pause, play, pause again, it hurts, I’m mute again, pause, why is this happening, is this part of healing, it hurts though, it really hurts, my body is feeling so much unseen damage, ache is starting to feel unbearable, what’s going on, how is this happening without consent, it hurts, I want it to stop, help, can someone make it stop, I’ve gone mute again, how do I…can I please…I just want to…


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