Poetry: Melody of Being Animate 


It’s okay.

Visualize this, a body strong enough to carry it’s broken, finds it hard when the shackles come n break it’s chains

Understand that when the word self doubt comes to this body it’s after blood

I trade in some of the parts of myself that I choose to adore n give it the rest

Said that my state of mind is broken, said that this body is broken, said that I will give you its bones but please allow me to keep the two souls that reside

Let me reminisce what was good, give good back to this body

When I hear the word broken, me, it’s all just one word, empty syllables that belong to this body

It’s bones wanting to ash themselves into memory, forgotten, don’t forgot me is what they really want to complicate

Give it time

How long is it going to take for normal to this body, everything is as complicated as this mind now

Nothing feels like anything, I’m full on empty, numb, trying to understand what this all means, it’s so hard to understand when you don’t understand the effects it leaves, the wounds that they open, how they create the word destroy, n conjoin so much meaning with just the word you

N isn’t it irony, when can’t unwinds you, when the knots on this noose have been designed to get tighter, make it hard to survive, give you reason to all of self doubts pandora

Laugh, I am too sometimes, tell me that it’s easy, that it can change by simple, that I don’t know how easy it is, that choice is easy, that even when the oppressed were being oppressed by their oppresses that it was easy to choose

When I use the word choice I don’t use it carelessly, I use it in caution

I know how choice can hold the key, but I also know how hard choice is to choose, n how it’ll bind to this body like a plague

It’ll never let me forgot the choices I make, make it difficult once again I vist the word failure, n self doubt comes knocking with all its synonyms, loud enough to burden

I want to see remedy, I want remedy to unwound this complicated, make sense of this complicate n give me back sanity, give me back my body, give me back self love, I don’t care how long this love lasts as long as it keeps coming back to heal this hurt

I just want this to stop, I’m starting to feel like opportunity is going to slip out of the control I’ve gathered quicker than I can quick fix this emotional

Unwound it’s mood, give it acceptance n understand that it doesn’t have to always  suffer on its own, that this body is fighting for healing n it’s okay, what you are feeling is all okay 


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