Poetry: Melody of Being Animate

19.09.16 | 21.09.16
Pause, play


Today I saw remedy n gave her my sugar cane, she told me that anxiety has this way of making you feel too much 

Give affirmation to this body, give recognition to all that you have given

Tell this body that we’ll get no where if we don’t do this together, make it understand that it’s not possible for the two souls in this body to work along side state of mind with out its help

That it too is just as important as the heart, the mind

The way this body moves is important

I told remedy how it hurts, that suffering alone is indescribable

That the insides of its complexity becomes too much to explain, it finds a way to overflow with incurable

I gave her its secrets n asked her to do what she can for its motion, watched as I sat back, sinking into the couch, breathed in what intoxicated this body n said to her

Staying in this mood makes me feel comfortable

That allowing into emotional is the only solution I have had to offer when it doesn’t know what to do with its complicated

I clenched my palms softly together looked at this body n begged her for remedy

Watching this body fall n fall time again is tiring, catching the taste of salt water tears, I attempt to gather my senses, reminisce on nothing, think about how to unwind, what complicated means, let its syllables ring as many times needed, n breathe

In this silence she gave me metaphor

Said that running on a broken leg is not a solution, its part of the problem

That healing will always take as much time as it wants

That she’s not saying this was meant to be simple

That you’re strong


Rewind back to words that make no sense

Strong she said


See what you’ve done she said, see how far you’ve come

Take this time to look at where state of mind n body were, comprehend its progress, recognise n give it your affirmation

Understand that it doesn’t want anybody’s but your own

Tell the souls in this body that it is okay that there are two of you, tell them that it is okay to think the way you do

Repeat this until this gives them normal

Abnormal, play


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