Poetry: Melody of Being Animate

24.09.16 | 02.10.16
Engraved Systematic of the Oppressed


Can I ask you something

Have you ever thought about engraved so deep into the system that it leaves no room for silence

That when the oppressed give you soft spoken, fact, blood, ancestral bearings, say that they will not stand for in justice so strong, that it can try n brake through this noose

Fact, our people did not die n fight for this kind of privilege

We gave you ourselves, told you our stories, commissioned ourselves so we can fit this box you have told us could be ours, said that this space, this world is ours to educate

Why do we have to teach you what it means to breathe

That this pigmentation is not something to be shot for, that we will never succumb to trend, fads, of stereotypical lineage bestowed upon our very existence, can’t you see that we don’t fit into the boxes you have made for us

The moment these oppressions wave their privilege in our faces n straight up have the audacity to be morally inhuman, to refuse to apologise for the wrong they have done, for the mistakes that are never quite mistaken for, n for what justice

Said that when a police can resolve to force upon a humble protester that has been raising awareness in a community for not only people of colour, but for people who care about the way people of colour are being portrayed all around the world, agreeing that they will not stand for a country that chooses to abuse its power

The moment they make that selfish decision to not be human enough, n feel threatened by someone who is not only unarmed but hold a presence of peace, love, awareness, for a cause he strongly believes in n gets abused dragged behind locked doors this, this is when we know as a race we have failed to understand the meaning of what it really means to co exist

That when we celebrate the decision to abuse systems in place to protect our country, to protect our people, this is when it means stand up straight, the law needs to apprehend co existence until they too can feel it’s lashes

Its moments when police refuse to wash the blood off their hands, the narritive of actions, for the wrong they commit in order to bestow their own pride

How many times can you be taught how to breathe, but still find a way to ignore something that is such a beneficial need

You can’t give n take away at the same time, nothing works in that disfunctionality

Why is it so hard to understand that pigmentation, colourism, racism exist so strong in this reality

Don’t feed me reverse racism n tell me that you don’t see colour

Don’t show me what it means to be oppressed, I’m living in this world knowing the colour of my skin could may as well mean the end, be part of the solution

I’m so close to busting out into a straight up mainstream to get this message across to the willing

To the next generation, to this race

Be the ones’s willing

To win it


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