Poetry: Melody of Being Animate



Everynight I count how many sheep I’ve let cross my mind as Im kept wake by unstable train of thought that doesn’t have the discipline to quite down even when its 3 in the morning

Doesn’t want to let this body rest, keeping wake is what my mind does best, contradicting all the actions it persists

Giving its permission then taking away its approval just so it can debate whether or not that was the right thing to do

The emotional way to react

The logical way to think

The way my mind works is that it has this uncanny way of questioning its own conclusions, in everything

It weakens the energy it produces by counting how many sheep have crossed its path even by 4 in the morning

It won’t rest until its given correct diagnosis of all that is the reason behind why

Its like a child

Has this sense of curiosity about all that gravitates, motion, ability, magic, it doesn’t want to let this body rest until its satisfied

Yesterday for the first time in weeks insomnia has taking me into its arms, lit candles n asked me questions that it knew I didn’t have the answers to

Made my mind think, n think, n think about the answer until all cognitive functions start to give answers such as, stray, lost n found, identity, arousal of sapiosexual, n a lot of unnecessary come 4:30 in the morning

Insomnia is starting to run out of questions to keep this mind wake

Looses focus on what questions to ask

Can’t think anymore,the mind is being deprived so its time to let insomnia go this time, I close my eyes

My mind is still thinking

Slow this heart rate

Too much energy has been lost now, its time to rest this body, n be ready for tomorrow night

When insomnia comes n befriends this mind once again


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