Poetry: Melody of Being Animate 


​I solemnly swear the next time a man approaches me n chooses to sharpen his ego along with his engaged fience; I’m gon be the sharpened knife before I whoop his ass back into authentic morels of what it really excites to be a man worthy of a Queen

Come closer

I want to exhaust what it means to have a Queen so dangerous you’ll wish she was yours to dominant on all fours

The way I love is the burning sensation cross fire between adrenaline n curiosity

They clench their pride between their thighs n tell you, the way I kiss is the way the sun leaves it’s mark on melanin, it’ll have you glistening with more than just your pride

The way I touch is the way the heat summer wave teases to leave as it hibernate’s for winter


I’ll write you into so much love you’ll question why you haven’t found Queen so intoxicatingly addictive, I’ll have you so hooked on motivation to stay this infatuated

Didn’t your daddy ever worn you what intellectual inticement can do when a man meets his match

Queens are only worthy of Kings, don’t get it twisted

She falls enough to let you think enough

Decides whether his a worthy opponent n plays the game he doesn’t even know I’ve already won

She’ll teach him what smart words n kind hands really seduces


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