Poetry: Melody of Being Animate 

11.10.16 | 16.10.16 

It usually stems from the way these notions start to stray away from this control

Spilling consistency n thinking about the sounds that echo too loud to make out its syllables

It’s that moment mindless forgets it belongs to a body, the way this narrative has a way of writing its own story

These stories I tell are not from me

They reside with this body, the two souls that roam free, the infinite interactions that debate the coexistence of both its complexities n the overwhelming urge to over share

This outlet has taken many turns tuning misfortune into opportunity, turning arguments into concluded satisfaction for now

N today, without fail have realized I’ve spent more then half my day without speaking

The only narrative that was fluid were the conversations had with the narrating characters of my existence

My body had a problem today

The mind was doing its best to come up with solutions being side tracked by random social encounters, the two souls doing what they can to add to the destruction so the mind isn’t left feeling the strain of failure, n what’s left are the people who were encountered, attentive to every character in this body knowing exactly how I look on the oitsude except for myself

You’ll realize that it’s already 6 something n you haven’t eaten, so you’ll buy whatever n digest parts of the problem as the audience in your body seek solutions until this feeling leaves you n this body alone


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