Poem: Melody of Being Animate

Body to me

You know that feeling when you want to hold on to so much, when you aren’t ready to let go, when everything you do feels like careless, accidents that feel all too familiar

Like you’ve been here before
Like this feeling never went away
Like it was numb to you, numb now
It doesn’t settle well when you’re left alone

Quiet spaces make it clearer to thinking without logic, making it easier to believe all its lies, all its truths,these memories never really went away, they were berried in the deepest parts of you like your own body was hiding the deepest parts that affiliated so much emotional wreck

Recklessly ramage through written, unwritten words that jumped out of their pages to show what they were really saying

Back then, now

Starting to remember too much forgotten memory, didn’t know that something so small could trigger its symptoms, that the reasons why are all starting to find themselves at their syllables n form truths to every unwritten, written, this bodies truth resides in so much broken, its kindred its everything n ran with its unwanted spirit a long time ago

It doesn’t like the word lie, dishonest, you, this body

You won’t understand how much it contradicts n dictates

I wish it never found love this way, peace in its defiance

However this, this way, the painful, unforgotten, emotional wreck will always be there beside her telling her how when she can’t, when why

Now its taking her into their kin too, she’s become syllables of selfless self-love, emotional wreck, unforgotten n broken

Each time this feeling comes to visit this body, she is reminded of this, n in-twin that she will always be so much more then the syllables she’s conjoined to you


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