Poetry: Melody of Being Animate

21.11.16 | 23.11.16


When I dim down the lights n ponder on what the heart wants, I think about the word happiness

I think about

What if feels like to care about someone so deeply that the fastening is yielding, I believe in invisible connections too much to base it on what you hear too clearly

I like the words uncanny, irony, n how love bounces off the crescent of their smile, that overwhelming feeling to over share with strangers, the urge to give all of yourself to someone who isn’t always worthy, these are all signs of what I have gathered the heart beats to unseen

Unheard rhythm so poetic it’ll give you unforeseen chance

You’ll be shine n smile so bright when I tell you its secrets, when I share with you the powers it has over your own will, you won’t believe how the feeling will give you release, trademark yourself into its syllables so recklessly you’ll pick roses despite its thorns n draw a blank to boundaries

When I think about what the heart wants, I think about reckless happiness n all its secrets


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