Poetry: Melody of Being Animate

15.11.16 | 28.11.16
Identity INFJ – INFP (Mental Health Analysis Daily)

Identity, a fact of being who or what a person or thing is, identify, who, are you, I am the me that chooses to fabricate my feelings take under consideration for loved ones n hold honesty as its shield, understood, that I don’t have to be perfect even for myself, auto correct, I am imperfect n that’s okay, back to define this emotional, I am also the me that chooses to fight internal battles n still get frustrated at my own failed achievements, physically I’m counting my own existence as I tight rope through daily occurences give emotional the key to all its secrets giving permission to whip lash it back to internal failure, auto correct, hide everything, theres no burden mask your own internal for anyone to see this broken its makes you feel weak, moving on, how does this make you feel, so much preach presence of anything that will set off your wreck, reckless all this emotional no control unsteady, sugar cane your own emotional, speak too much of its truth to all the wrong people, say nothing its too much honesty too much emotional to handle, think about how it makes them feel, auto correct, how does this this make you feel, listen to the question again, key word, you, your answer will always be pending until you find the words to finish its sentence, keeping it moving, where are we now, I’ve lost count of everything, there’s no meaning to this anymore, if you’re reading sorry I wasted your time, for those still reading thank you, for those who understand keep fighting, your mental health is as unpredictable as it is predictable as it is lonely n there is no sugar cane I lied, this kind of state of mind continues to blur my lines all I have is myself n honesty nothing else matters nor does it make sense, I’m both sorry n not sorry for wasting your time, however, we should do this again sometime


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