Poetry: Melody of Being Animate

29.12.16 | Honesty camouflage

Be honest
how many times have you told love that you love their honest

I’m here to commemorate honesty’s camouflage

One, you know, that time love rang so loud when they said, I want to get to know you, tell me everything about yourself
n you realising honesty can also mean love at first sight
blur your lines, just so we are clear not their’s
you’ll tassel your hair n smile at yourself like a complete fool

Two, honesty is hero with a few misplaced letters to what the eye can see
let me tell you about the relief of restless consumption of what it means when you excite this fools bound, truth so real you’ll have love carelessly willful on purpose

Three, always remember the difference between honest n camouflage, it’ll reveal so much of each’s truth you won’t know how to conceal its scars

Four, honesty is not there to cause pain, hurt, its not there to heal
its all of these n much more

Five, do you remember the last time dishonest showed you so much
told you the medusa of its aftermath
said take this, it will fabricate tall stories of its deception n you took it
how did that make you feel
something like broken, something like this cliche to this metaphor, this pun, not enough words in the alphabet to give this Pandora release

Six, when was the last time you believed the truth, even when it was hard to hear
when all of yourself came together n formed this no fumbling out of your mouth as your conscious caressed your broken truth

Seven, remember how we talked about love
remember how we gave love to honest
don’t you remember that one time when you accepted love into your honest camouflage, told yourself that you will do better for honest even when it hurts, even when it feels this good

Eight, honesty has so many meanings
don’t misplace it in just one clue of formation

Nine, camouflage is another word for protect, love, hero
I promise you its syllables will never let you down conjoined to the right kind of devotion

Ten, loves honest camouflage is another way of saying
I love you



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