Poetry: Melody of Being Animate

17.12.16 | 18.12.16 | 10.01.17 | 11.01.17
There is Beauty in this Mental Health

Despite the mood changes n how irritable you get when you find it hard to exist, you’re a creative thinker with this unhealthy, you cross all the boundaries dare call yourself hero, you’re surviving your mind each day
Some would call you hero, watch their narrative as they repeat how do you do it, n you respond
I have this gift, it teaches me about self n how to ask for help, it teaches me intuitive innovation when it comes to quick fix this emotional, it reminds me the importance of the crisp air right after the sky has finished crying for all my disabilities, takes me by my insecurities n blesses me with wings big enough to take off

Sometimes I am reminded too often that with this type of hero comes listless self awareness, that with great knowledge comes great resilience

There is so much beauty in your mental health, if you can not find your powers yet don’t worry, I promise you it will find you
Berried so deep into battle with the mind your body doesn’t know how powerful you can be despite broken metaphors, puns used at its own convince, watch how you give it comfortable when it comes to inheritance of this kind control, watch you hero, as you overcome the mind games, correspond with infinite healing powers
Sometimes you’re more than hero
You’re the extraordinary being that is braking down your very own barriers, allowing yourself to grow n heal at the same time
This is my super power


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