Poem: Melody of Being Animate

23.01.17 | WOMAN

You know its funny, when I look at the injustice manifesting in our daily to folk who are fighting for all types of what is wrong in this life, its hard to be this silent

When I speak about this Im reaching out n recognising those in minority who feel that they don’t have a voice, those who are still left feeling it all too often

Just yesterday I had to witness three black boys treated with this abrupt condisending tone, made them feel the way the mainstream media tell you to think, I had to watch the way the same white man that let a white boy n girl off for the exact same situation that had previsouly just happened, I had to watch him smile, tell them its fine n wave his hand in the air as if to say its okay just go through, it was infurarting, hypercrietes don’t know how until they are called out on their unlawfull, I was so out radged although scared to say anything feeling that my opinion to what had just happened may have not been in my favour

As a poc, I felt both gulit n somewhat intimidated

It was’t until I thought about what had happened in the perspective of both compassion n humility, that guilt had began to manifest more than the fear of speaking up

When we witness these kinds of things its really difficaut as a poc to speak out without having to be directly involved, this is fact


There was a white woman reading this, seated beside me, as I wrote about injustice in this kind of raw narrative, I also watched her stand up as she caught the corner of my eyes n watched her leave her seat to sit in the fresh humid air outside



Yesterday women men, n poeple marched for something they disputed against n I couldn’t help but feel empowered, I couldn’t help but allow hope to fill the air around me, reminding me humanity was teaching humanity what it means to come together n unit against this kind of segregation in mascaraides of injustice

When you’re met with bigotry, reasons why, n close minded remember as women we birthed this nation, n that is power

As women we are powerful, never forget you can give n take away life, that is power in its highest form don’t ever forget this


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