Poetry: Melody of Being Animate

23.01.17 | 24.01.17 | MELANIN (ROYALTY)

It feels a lot like resurrection of emotion, as I attempt to narrate the way this skin melanates

I wanted to write this gratitude to melanin, n how much appreciation n courage it has given me as woman, person of colour going through her own mental battles to fully comprehend the beauty in all its royalty

The first thing that prompts, is love

When I speak of melanin n love in the same sentence I want to illuminate that this is not a mistake

It is simply the truth, nothing less

Everything more

You may have thought that I would have told you more profound

However, the way this narrative has chosen to shine, it doesn’t want to complicate its own nobility

Although is does want to show you exactly what it means when melanin is being praised in this excellence

It goes something like this

Many people will try n slander what they do not have, when you cross paths with this kind of unpleasant let the sun illuminate your melanin, so they can see what kind of beauty teases the largest star in the sky

Even when you’re feeling it all too much, remember

Love is not something that can be found so easily, find it in yourself first so you’re able to teach back its consolations

As you learn n grow from all the discomfort you’ll realise the resilience in your culture, that you have noble history strum into this melanin, that you have hero with your melanin

Not only does your complexion stay popping through out the summer, you’ll bask in the warmth of the sun n watch how it catches your natural highlight, beam its rays where it’ll catch royalty’s glow

Indefinable sheen, allow them to stare, they may have not seen black in its royal caliber

Never take off your crowns, with this skin comes great royalty of those who choose to bask in its glorified image, royalty isn’t meant for those who are not loyal to its full experience

Melanin isn’t there for the taking, you have to be born with its popping royal ambiance


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