Poetry: Melody of Being Animate

25.01.17 | Magic Trick (#alternativefacts)

Magic trick one, watch how I make communication disappear when relevant, watch how I give you back your ego n take back all my honesty

Magic trick two, watch how you trump lies n call them facts, watch how you give alternative facts n call them honest

Magic trick three, ghost back into this kind of love you carelessly lost n expect it all back, no

Magic trick four, take my hand, I’ll share with you broken hearts, myself n happy to your sugar cane

Magic trick five, watch how quickly I make oceans jealous

Magic trick six, give alternative facts to logic, emotion, personal, love they know the difference, you can’t fool them too

Last trick, don’t apologies when you have already told the heart that you don’t need it anymore, don’t tell the mind all the love I said to you was just out of habit, don’t tell this body that you didn’t feel its love, that there was nothing, all this time, all this bodies effort was all for nothing, that this body is nothing

All this time

Slow pulse, I can feel my heart where it last stopped beating

Somewhere between lies n you are nothing

When it hurts let me know, I cared about the way you made me feel, I cared about you, I showed you why, told you how, n gave you the best parts of myself first before you could even reach the sweetest

Because I know too well about what happens to girls who become this victim to fragile once they know where love ghosts



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