Poetry: Melody of Being Animate

26.01.17 | Unconditional

I like how your voice makes me feel
The way it softly tells me I love you

I like the way you kiss
There’s no other way to say it, I love your kisses

I like the way you love
Unconditional, no limits, daring, fearless

I like your eyes
The way they gaze at passion, the way they soften when your voice says my name

I like your imperfect
There will be times where I can’t stand the way you say how you feel even when you’re angry, you don’t mean them, I know you don’t

I like your perfect
The will be times where you will tell me exactly how you feel, n I’ll take your hand shimmy closer to love n show you how honest I really can be

I love you
There will be times when others may not understand how we love, we don’t need affirmation, though I almost feel narcissistic, I want to be the only one who knows what it means for love to be jealous of you


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