Poetry: Melody of Being Animate

03.02.17 | 05.02.17
His side (I get it now, well sort of..)

It was right after a session n, R realized he was over sharing without even thinking, it was a somewhat warm, kind of night, with the windows fogged up, n body heat willingly shared its love, reminiscing over my overwhelming experiences with lost n found heart beats, I was curious as to what made people like R’s beat to unseen, were they just as much of an over thinker as I personally have proven to be when it comes to this kind of pulse, so I asked, what about you, what is your experience with heart beats, n he told me, just like you, there were has beens, n that there was no need to rush to something that is meant to be so poetic, said that he isn’t in a hurry to pace infinite devotion, he knows what it tastes like, had his arms wrapped around it once before, n with those same hands, took mine in his, n said, I’m just not ready yet.


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