Poetry: Melody of Being Animate

08.02.17 | 09.02.17

Flowers: “..insomnia has once again lit candles n asked me questions it knew I did not have the answers to, keeping this mind anxious on the next flower that hasn’t been given its rightful title, misleading my words so I think I know I love, no like, no definitely love, don’t know any better so you’re back to where insomnia is, this sometimes ugly, sometimes showing its teeth so you clench your fists in soft grips, gripping your sanity n bearing teeth, tell insomnia you won’t fall for its tricks again, said that you can’t have me this time, countless of times, too many times I have given you what you wanted n you never gave me anything back, it’s a cruel fate to deprive this body of its sanity, you can not have this body, I will fight you as many times needed, you can not have me, I am done keeping this body wake just because you don’t understand how it works, you’re disrupting important routine n making others think indifferent of this being, leave with your chaos n never come back in this manner, this body needs to heal n I can feel every part of my being ready to give you the answers it’s been holding back for all this time, we’ll show you our teeth, we’re not going to be consumed by fear anymore, we are a blessing, this life is a blessing, I won’t let you take this away, this body is trying to heal, understand, grow n self love in one sugar cane, you can not n will not disrupt this routine, make all the cracks you want this body knows the word heal too many times used in its presence, you’re not ready for all the love it has given me to happily heal the way this body is learning how, do not disrupt routine, I promise you the next time you come dressed in your fake love I’ll give you flowers, n hopefully, hopefully then, we can learn to exist together <flower: (heart beats) >


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