Poetry: Melody of Being Animate

13.02.17 | Everything has beauty, but not everyone can see it

When I console the mind n talk to the heart like I was holding love to my chest, so the mind could come to understand how much care it took to know the deepest parts of its chaos, n how each beat, pulsing towards the heart is how many times I will rush to save it, as many times needed, I cared about how they existed, wanted them to understand exactly how it felt when they didn’t want understand each others beautiful, I wanted to be the one that brought them together n carefully illustrated reality in how they could choose to coexist, of how many times the mind has told the heart that it believes in its courage to choose love so easily even when they don’t deserve the heart n so much more, how the heart helps narrate how the mind feels, making it easier to soften the blow of chaos each n everytime, n how much it chooses to overshare with the mind when its feeling lonely, n so much more, I wanted them to understand how much of a beautiful thing it is to understand each other even when it is hard, even when emotions n thoughts can easily get in the way of seeing beauty in everything, later, when they have both come to know each others beautiful is when they will see how bright it beams for both their beautiful


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