Poetry: Melody of Being Animate

14.02.17 | For the sake of love

For her love
I want you to look her in her eyes n be as honest as you can about how her love has changed you, tell her how much joy it has given you to be the light in every empty night sky, tell her that when you were writing her this you couldn’t stop smiling that your heart was so happy it hurt a little, tell her

Tell her what you love about her most, that the sun against her hair is the most beautiful photosynthesis you could ever imagine, tell her she is beautiful, do this until she’s looking at you with all the love in her being, unable to resist smiling at you like a loved up fool, tell her everyday until it becomes a habit, don’t let this kind of love go its hard to come by love when it sugar canes this much indescribable

I want you to tell her this, n feel your words leave your body n know what love looks like when you finally find its release


For his love
Look at him like he is your everything, teach him what it means for you to love in this caliber, that your love is exactly like an untamed fire n his the only one who can put you at ease, remind him how much you love his everything, that he is worth all the effort, that you will love him n care for him no matter what, tell him this n watch how he disintegrates right before your words watch how he becomes lover before your love, keep reminding him what love is capable of, reminding him that it is okay to be everything you’re not aloud to be in this life time

Take his hands n gently tell him that your kind of love is one that lasts life times, time n time again, you will never leave him

I want you to tell him this, when you feel he is worthy of this kind of loyalty


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