Poetry: Melody of Being Animate

Love: “…I haven’t told you how I feel about you yet, however I want you to know that this kind of love is as delicate as the first glance, it’s as nervous as the first time, n as persistent as the first kind of love, when this feeling flourishes it’s more than just words, it takes over the body n swells into a melting sensation of both hearts beats n the unknown, I want you to understand that when love comes, it has this beautiful desire to over share, it will also want you to meet the rest of the body, you won’t know how or when, however I don’t want you to be scared, I have prepared the body just for you, the heart has agreed to let you into this love, the mind is willing to treat you with compassion n the two souls have given their permission to love this willingly, when love comes, I hope you’re ready, I have told  the body to promise it’s loyalty, so when you’re ready I will be waiting patiently.”


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