Poetry: Melody of being Animate



Lost: “…sometimes I wonder about what it measures to be put together, how it feels to have conditions that are as sustainable as feeling lost, you know what I mean, I want to know what it feels like to not always be so anxious as the heart tries to suffocate through the throat, how hard it is to breathe when you’re this lost n anxious in the same instant

The mind is sick daily, headaches that last far too long, along the margins of switching moods fast enough so there’s no time to react, this body has already decided to be a certain kind of lost, it never lasts as long, has this bad habit of lingering n making insanity the norm, how can anyone function when the body is this dysfunctional when it comes to doing the basics, doesn’t want to listen to any of the background nose, hauls captive everything that gives this body life, so many bad habits, intentionally shutting down to get a reaction, sometimes I am confused if the two souls in this body have more control than I thought they did, the more I unfold its hidden secrets the more lost feels like easily irritated n anxious about breathing, its all a hoax, there days where the body doesn’t want to function, would much rather listen to the rain, pick n choose in the most disorganized manner, forming new bad habits on a daily, today, I stepped out of my body n watched others in all their mystery, listened to new choices that relaxed more than just the two souls who kept me company, as we sat in silence watching n listening to the worlds background noise, this, is yet another habit that now needs to be carefully categorized.”


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