Poetry: Melody of Being Animate


Patient/ Patience: “…to be honest, Im just hungry, I’ve had two coffee’s, bought another even though my body said no, n now Im sitting here having an inner outer body experience, Im just watching others live their life forgetting to live mine, Im stuck between two realities, finding it hard to come to terms with this kind of black magic, not sure why the heart feels like it isn’t there, like it doesn’t exist, like my mind is a person wondering the world in all its curious chaos, this is a mess, to be honest, Im just hungry, Im watching my fingers type this bodies words like they were my own, this body narrates its own the choice of words are not mine, we are two split into two different realities, my eyes are watching other people to find some sort of stability, reassure me that I haven’t left this reality yet, my heart feels like its not there, a more accurate diagnosis is it seems to feel as though its stopped beating, once the beats chose to stop, it made a mess, I don’t want to leave this reality yet, I don’t want this coffee, to be honest, Im just hungry.”


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