Poetry: Melody of Being Animate

24.03.17 | 25.02.17
the mind and insomnia are homies (part 2)

The more I think about it, the more I understand why this mind n insomnia are best friends, something to do with dealing with reality, finding ways to understand each other, the only time insomnia arrives, is when the mind has been having a hard time, not able to come to terms, not able, sometimes the mind doesn’t know n its hard on its cognitive so at night, it seeks out its best friend n they organize systematic game plans, they talk clearly about filtering potential strategies, they cry together, they have both been through an immense sense of yielding, n today I finally understood why, when the body is not ok it seeks out the heart, when the heart doesn’t have solutions due to all the whiplash of overwhelming emotions it puts strains on the heart strings, causing it to easily break n loosen its noose, when the heart gets this emotional it usually wails crying out to the mind, the mind does what it can, what it has to do, n at the end of the day when its been hard at work, solutions aren’t working the way they are meant to, the mind starts to see all the cracks with bias, judgment, stress, anxiety, irritation, the mind falls ill to its own answers a waits until the light outside starts to fade into the night sky, patiently laying in bed, waiting for insomnia to ease its demise, assist in both comfort n course of action together, which means this whole time, insomnia was on our side, this whole time they were a team, they temporarily took remedies halo n I didn’t even know, this whole time insomnia was by my side, watching, waiting until the perfect hour to ease this bodies whole, allow the mind to let out its frustrations, even I know sometimes the mind doesn’t want to talk to family, would much rather salt water saturate to close friends, n I want to let the mind know that that’s okay, we’re only human, we too need to have outlets in order to heal.


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