Poetry: Melody of being Animate

A Visit from Anxiety (daily misfit)

Sometimes I am glad for the inconvenience, to me it just means that I care, when I think back to a few days, lies, as early as yesterday being able to do things that would usually occupy my whole day let alone begin able to leave comfortable behind, mutated itself into this ugly n formed the sentence, it all felt so difficult, back then I was not myself, when this rage hits, when this mood is unstoppable, I am forced to sit with its uncomfortable, doesn’t want to let go of me, trifling in so many constraints, when I close my eyes if feels like I have left this earth, I don’t want to come back, not ready for it to eat me alive, show me its teeth, I wasn’t ready for this kind of rage, yes rage, sometimes love comes in the ugliest forms, these feelings don’t know how to stand together so they chaos, told them that when they speak with emotions to not use its mouth so carelessly, do they not understand that when it comes to visit, its just a check up, chill, I’m not here to take you away you can stay with your comfortable, anxiety is like a child, no anxiety is a child, the mind is playing remedy trying to silence it as sweet as it can, but when it becomes this anxious even the mind can not control what is in its control so its forced to sit n allow it, be sugar cane, or release, its meant to allow this mood, breath, lay down, put the blankets over your body, over your face do not let them see you this ill, this illness of the mind is so strong even its own creator doesn’t know what to do with its caliber, rather just let it sit, rather just let it melt down, simmer into this state, appreciate its so called mindful n let it wonder off to a different kind of reality, breathe, n if there’s anything this life has taught me, this reality is what you want it to be, let your illness into your personal, don’t fight it, allow it to heal, you’re worthy of healing, this body is only as able as you let it, don’t get involved with anxiety, however don’t run off with it either, allow it into your personal n let it confront the body, allow it to sit next to you n exist until its ready to move on this time, when it comes back to try n befriend n understand just allow it, this is both the hardest n best way to heal with this kind of body.


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