Poetry: Melody of Being Animate

Fact Watch (I am…)

Fact this is not an apology, fact this is not what you think it is, fact this what you think it is, fact I am more then the definition of words that I choose to describe my perfectly imperfect, fact you can not describe me, only I am capable of tearing to pieces of what I have built for my self, fact there are not enough letters in that alphabet to describe me n my imperfect, fact you can not have me unless you have the rest of the neighbors in my body, fact I can smell lies from a distance, you can not distance me from the truth, fact the truth is in this poem, the way black people shine so bright, the sheen, the light, the gleam, the largest star in the sky is jealous of our being, fact, you can not have me unless you are willing to take the rest of the accomplices in this body, fact even though I write so much encrypted emotional, I can’t spell to save self from its horrible grammar, fact this is going to be spell checked n even after I have asked spell check there will still be some errors much like the ones you see the mainstream media advocates, don’t understand the impact of its privilege, speaking of fact, moonlight is worthy, fact, watch how they show you who is in charge mislead the public, the people watching this movement, tell them they are not worthy watch how we take over, watch how we show you how its done, fact, get out is not racist, its about reality, fact I’m joking, on the real though its not racist, sit down, watch how we finally shine for the rest to see, watch how we give privilege the key n speak not to misuse its power, we are done being, watch how this is also mislead, what how they cry to be black, not able to adjust to all the black boy bodies, all the black bodies buried, all the black in this poem, this skin, just watch, fact, this is me living my life as a black women, going through her own mental battles in order to face the harsh reality of what beauty really looks like n having to always validate it somewhere else, n this beauty  in this particular, be this melanin, be so worthy, so watched, just watch, fact I am…


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