Poem: Melody of Being Animate

These 1AM narrations got me..(fked up)

“…damn, you know when you’re up this late n you’re mind, heart, body n soul are feeling so much to these fake ass kings, always wanting to show n tell in your life thinking that they have the right to your everything don’t know that this queen only got one king, don’t see that that the K in their crown is falling, hanging so low not where it is meant to be, don’t they know this way actions speak louder than what they are trying sugar cane, sugar coat at this point it doesn’t matter, don’t they know that words are just narratives that speak of false action, in replacement of apology, if you don’t show its love n whip its syllable’s it doesn’t mean shit, don’t they see that queens of this loyalty are always more than they deserved even after he begged for her back, after he told her love lies camouflaging its secrets in different masquerades he promised to change, promised he would do better don’t you see the cycle of disappointed queens, mistrust in kings that wear the crown so carelessly not aware of how much royalty they have gained, don’t they understand that you can not use love in such dishonestly, that its syllable’s are not to be toyed with, that their narrative is as dishonest as their false royalty, lies can conceal its way into love, loving doesn’t mean only saying its name, its a validation of affirmations that speak greater than your existence, being able to remind love how you love comes in so many different forms n dishonestly is just one of them..”


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